It started on January 28, 1986. Well, no, that was the day when it made itself known to us, love lust actually.

How do I remember the day? Easy, I’ll never forget because on that day the space shuttle Challenger blew up shortly after launch.

Helen and her husband John had been socialising with us for drinks and games of Trivial Pursuit over Christmas and the New Year. John wasn’t normally around but he was home for Christmas. He was an architect working for the Bermudan government.

Anyway, during these very middle class evenings it was Helen and I who were striking sparks off each other. Something was happening and I probably didn’t even recognise it for what it was until that fateful day at the end of January.

It was a Tuesday on the 28th January 1986. my wife was out at work and I was at home jobless, just prior to setting up a business. Helen was also at home that morning and most others. She had no need to work because her husband was well paid. Her income depended on the exchange rate when he sent home US dollars.

She was in her late thirties with two teenage children. I was in my mid forties. The family home was the “Old Mill” just outside Callington, Cornwall – you know, where Ginsters Cornish Pasties come from. My wife worked there, she was the MD’s secretary.

The Old Mill was just across the country lane from our riverside house – the river Lynher was at the bottom of our garden. On a good day I soon discovered I could see Helen in her kitchen from our kitchen.

Anyway, on that fateful morning Helen rang me for help. Her washing machine was leaking. It took little time to walk the 100 yards but my heart was thumping and my head was spinning not quite knowing what to do about the high tension feelings that had been building up over the previous weeks.

As for the leaking washing machine that was no problem I soon had that fixed but there was an awkwardness between us like tongue tied teenagers meeting the opposite sex for the first time. Well, we were both out of practice weren’t we?

I suppose my previous incident with Judith Freeguard might take something away from that previous statement but I believe it did have an impact on me on how this love/lust affair would proceed. That will be explained later.

It was Helen that took the first steps by saying something like, ” I feel that something has happened between us”

I responded “me too”.

It was at that point that I pressed her against the wall with a full on passionate, no holds barred kiss that went on and on and on. It could easily have gone all the way there and then but I suppose I was old fashioned – the 50’s guy and the 60’s girl. Different sexual values I suppose.

More to follow.

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