Remembering Grandfather #2

I only knew one grand father. My father’s father left when he was three years old so I never knew him. My mother’s father on the other hand was a very different kettle of fish or perhaps I should say ‘pot ‘n pan’. That comes about because my parents would always say ‘Here comes the old pot ‘n pan, turning up like a bad penny.’ Why they used the cockney rhyming slang term ‘pot ‘n pan’ as northerners puzzles me. I can only think they found just a little less difficult to say than ‘old man’ As a child I remember that always used to upset me. He was the only grandad I had and he always had time for me, unlike my father who was usually working. It’s not as if he was always turning up ‘like a bad penny’, he usually visited once a year, without prior notice, on his ancient motorbike and wearing his WW2 pilots leather helmet and goggles. He was not respected by either my father or my mother, his daughter and I think that is a great shame. More about that another time.

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