Just a few weeks after the relationship with Helen had just faded away in the Autumn of 1990 I met Mary.

I had been drinking in the Tamar Inn at Calstock, Cornwall most evenings when I met Jeanette a gorgeous blond girl in her early thirties. “You must meet Mary” she said. “Oh why?” I replied.

“Because you will like her, she’s very attractive”,

“What? As attractive as you”,

“Oh far more attractive than me” replied Jeanette demurely.

“That’s impossible” I said.

mary - seductive temptress mode.

Well, a few days later Jeanette and Mary walked into the pub and straight over to me.

“I’d like you to meet Mary” said Jeanette.

And that’s how it started with Jeanette, in matchmaker mode, introducing me to Mary, a single mother with three children.

It transpired that Mary was a part time mobile hairdresser so instead of asking her out in the pot boiler atmosphere of the Tamar Inn I asked her to cut my hair.

Mary - just an old fashioned girl.

As she cut my hair at my house in Calstock we got talking and a strange esoteric conversation ensued to do with Dolphins and synchronicity.

We “appeared” to fall in love but now I am not so sure. It all happened very fast, a whirlwind romance as they say but the whirlwind was to transform into a hurricane because Mary was into a crazy religious cult and I was into New Age stuff that involved me going onto a weekend course once a month at Monkton Wylde in Dorset.

Meditation and the other new age stuff was “evil” apparently.

More to come.

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