When Will They Ever Learn? #1

I said in an earlier entry ‘Remembering Grandfather #2’ that my parents had no respect for my grandfather and used to upset me as an 8 year old with their disparaging comments and put downs. I took him as I found him and he was good to me.

I remember him with affection and deeply regret not contacting him in his last years. Now I’m a grandfather and the same thing’s happening to me. My ex-daughter-in-law (xDiL) is trying to poison my grandchildren against me – except now, as then, it won’t work. It won’t work because the children, aged 7,9 & 10 know better.

The only outcome is that they will grow up to dislike their mother. Both boys have told me that they don’t like their mother because she hits them – sometimes drawing blood – and sends them up to their room without tea for the slightest reason. They have numerous other complaints – which they will always remember – about a woman who thinks she is a perfect mother.

She is training to be a teacher. What a pity they don’t ask her children about her suitability for such a job. Her father is ‘the perfect man’ and is a perfect grandfather. Her children don’t think so. He threatens them with his belt, and is a deranged ‘bible basher’.

They call him ‘pervy’ because he insists on observing them whilst they get undressed, won’t allow them sugar in their tea and is an over strict disciplinarian in all matters.

I, on the other hand am ‘evil’, ‘poison’, a ‘dirty old man’ – I might be untidy but I’m not dirty and I’m certainly not ‘pervy’. Oh, and I ‘shouldn’t be around’. What she means by that is that I should be dead.

Now who’s the evil one? Isn’t it strange that the real evil people are the one’s that call others evil? I have done nothing to her, in fact I hadn’t spoken to her for 6 years until a couple of weeks ago. All I have ever done is give my son (her ex) the support he needed whilst he fought her in order to gain access to his children.

Whilst this extremely self righteous person will tell all sorts of outrageous lies about myself and my son all we do is try to counter them with the truth. The stupid woman – who thinks she is bright – has changed her children’s lives forever because they will always remember how it was.

They will remember me as the grandfather that related to them in the ways that grandfathers should just as I remember with affection how my grandfather related to me despite the poison that my parents tried to inject me with. Then there’s my brother and how history repeats itself but then that’s to be told next time.

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