When Will They Ever Learn? #2

My father had two brothers and one day way back in the mists of time there was a fall out. His middle brother fell out with the eldest and from that day on there was no contact between them or their mother. I had cousins that I never knew about and always regretted that because our family was not very big and I had no other cousins. I always thought that family feuds like this are silly and should be solved, until now.

My brother David is ten years younger than me and he fell out with both myself and my son four or five years ago over very little indeed. He had given my son five hundred pounds so that he could pay a solicitors bill in order that he contest his ex-wife the ‘Ex Daughter in Law’ for access to his children. My brother said at the time that she was ‘an unfit mother’ and needed ‘parenting lessons’. Some months later he demanded the money back because, I think, he thought my son didn’t say thank you enough, or something like that.

He fell out with me at the same time because he always occupies the ‘moral high ground’. Mother was in her mid eighties then and desperately wanted us all to get on, ‘she didn’t deserve this at her time of life’. I knew she was right and made many attempts at reconciliation always to be rebuffed with incredibly nasty letters. I took it all philosophically and didn’t particularly have any feelings about him either way, in fact we were talking again last year when mother was admitted to hospital with dementia. He however, is stirring things up – he’s been a stirrer since a child – in a child access case in the Family Court. 

 He will get his comeuppance because what goes around, comes around.

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