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Soul Mate

By the time Bran Caughan was forty five years old he had been married for fifteen years, ten of which in this childless, empty relationship had been the most miserable, lonely existence he could ever have imagined. Not that they … Continue reading

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The Clock

The clock sat silently on top of an untidy pile of video tapes. It was a cheap clock …. made in China. With the round pseudo copper case topped with two shiny copper bells it gave the impression that it … Continue reading

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About My Fiction

In the 1990’s I found a ’sort of’ creative spark. I found that when so inclined, the muse found me. I went on various courses in order to hone my technique. I wrote short stories, radio plays, TV drama and … Continue reading

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Nicky: Concrete Boots Are Cool

I said it was a roller coaster ride with Nicky. What follows is something I wrote at the time for a little ‘light relief’ about events that took place on the evening of Nicky’s 46th birthday on 22 February 1996. … Continue reading

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Nicky: Escape from the Beast of Bodmin

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.  I arrived back from Ireland on 31st August 1995, having had a very ‘difficult’ holiday with Penny. On checking in at my office, early evening, Paula – my holiday relief manager – … Continue reading

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Penny#2: Bad Penny Trip Around Ireland

Penny came back into my life as a ‘friend’. After several months of not seeing her she popped up out of the blue or perhaps it was something to do with setting up a community. We were all into that … Continue reading

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Penny#1: Away With The Fairies

I was manager of the homeless hostel and the committee thought I ought to go in for councelling training. I was one day a week so it was a break from the mainly drug crazed hostel residents. They also had … Continue reading

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