About My Fiction

In the 1990’s I found a ’sort of’ creative spark. I found that when so inclined, the muse found me. I went on various courses in order to hone my technique. I wrote short stories, radio plays, TV drama and attended various courses appropriate to the media, usually at the Arvon Foundation centres. I did complete a radio play and submit it to the BBC but it was rejected.

I realised that the chances of being published were ultra slim so I wrote for my own pleasure as long as it gave me pleasure, I gave up when the muse departed. This section is where I will place some of my work. Who knows perhaps the muse will return one day.

I wrote a series of whacky short stories about Bran Caughan – a sort of alter ego. They were capable of being read on their own but also if read in sequence they became a continuation of Bran’s life. A lot of the sentiments were obviously my own and the other characters were a blend of the women in my life.

At the time I was running the homeless hostel, and yes I was bored with little to do (The Clock) so writing was a way to ease the boredom. The politics of the time were that of John Major’s Tory Government – deeply divisive, greedy and nasty. The sentiments in the stories reflect my view of those times.

I have posted the stories in the sequence they should be read, starting with the earliest posting date ‘The Clock’ followed by ‘Soul Mate’ etc. I should say that access is limited to one or two stories that contain sexually explicit material, particularly ‘Gameplan’ so the password has to be secret.

Altogether there are about eight stories written. The intention was to have a prequel to ‘The Clock’ and another story for an ending, stitch them all together to create a novel. Looking back I think it was all a little silly, not good enough for anything but I enjoyed doing it anyway so that’s all that matters.

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