Are We Like A Six Cylinder Engine?

Like a six cylinder engine needs to fire on most cylinders in order to run we need to spark on all or most cylinders in order to have a fulfilled and happy life. A lot of people will not, for one reason or other, for mainly reasons of personality or circumstances be able to fire on all cylinders but will be able to achieve a level of contentment in their life that they find satisfactory. The six cylinder engine would also be able to run albeit, somewhat inefficiently with just four cylinders sparking.


(1) Basic needs – roof over your head, warmth, food and water.

(2) Meaningful close relationship with a partner in which you feel you are loved/can love, are respected & are free to be yourself. Some people will have the love of family and friends which in their circumstances will be sufficient for them.

(3) Spirituality. In which you have a belief that enhances your life in some way. Whether it be conventional religion or not, spirituality can simply be sitting on a rock drawing energy from nature, meditating or whatever connects you with your place in nature.

(4) A feeling of fulfillment in your job or daily life in which you are able to say that "today I made a difference and I am happy that I have not wasted a day of my life."

(5) To have a spark of creativity. Whether it be writing, music, art, .building something (this one covers a lot) cooking, knitting – whatever it is if it is something you enjoy doing and can feel satisfied with your efforts or that you have done your best then that is a spark of creativity. Sometimes in your work you will also be utilising your creativity so (4) above will mean you need to spark on just 5 cylinders.

(6) To have sufficient means to be able to indulge yourself and others in a few pleasures from time to time. Whether it be eating out, going to a show or the cinema or perhaps even the pub. To buy yourself a luxury from time to time or having a vacation would also.fall into this category.

Should this be an eight cylinder engine? Are there important things in life that I have left out. Why not make your contribution and make a comment on this posting

(TurboCharger) If you are wealthy perhaps that’s the equivalent of a turbocharger. You can do what you want, when you want. Wealth gives you freedom to live where you want and to live exactly how you want.

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