How Many Cylinders Are You Firing On?

From the previous posting ‘Are we a six cylinder engine’ how many cylinders are you firing on?

(1) Basic needs

(2) Meaningful close relationship.

(3) Spirituality.

(4) A feeling of fulfillment.

(5) To have a spark of creativity.

(6) To have sufficient means to be able to indulge yourself.

Without basic needs then there’s a real problem. No problem, however cannot be solved and many people are without some of those basic needs by choice. In modern Britain no one should starve but many do because they have wrong priorities, i.e. drugs, alcohol.

There are agencies out there to help them and they should seek that help. Many don’t because it can be difficult to break out of addictions. Perhaps when they are ready, then they can change. Nothing can be done unless the individual is open to change.

Relationships are up to the individual and whether or not they want a relationship. If they do then they need to do something about it. Anybody reading this has the means to register with an online dating agency and take steps to change their life. Don’t scoff at dating agencies, there is nothing wrong with registering with a dating agency. In these times it can be difficult meeting new people. Many, many people have found their ideal partner through the internet.

Spirituality can mean many things but to be an atheist without any beliefs of any kind in the ‘mysteries’ is a truly sad place to be. I myself have always been an ‘agnostic’. many see that as a cop out. No, what it means in essence to me is that I keep an open mind. It is my belief that an open mind is the key to life. I’m not talking about the ‘establishment’ as far as religion is concerned, I am talking about the belief that there is ‘something else’.

Take Angels for instance, you will find there are countless stories of encounters with angels. In a lot of cases these incidences were witnessed by many people at the same time. Are they all deluded? I don’t think so. Just because the ‘mysteries’ don’t fit in with conventional science doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Not everything can yet be explained by a mathematical equation, thank goodness, but that may soon change as scientists are now trying to prove the ‘String Theory’ or ‘M’ Theory as it is also known. This exciting new theory turns conventional science on it’s head and suggests there could be other dimensions existing right here.

I won’t go into it too much here but it opens up new possibilities for proving the existence of other beings such as angels. It could make a lot of sense and explain many of the ‘mysteries’. See my ‘creative spark’ on dimensions. So don’t feel that you will be seen as a crackpot for believing in angels – the scientists that are using huge atom splitting research facilities to prove the string theory were seen as crackpots just a decade ago. How dull and grey would life be without the ‘mysteries’, or unexplained phenomenon but when the scientists are able to explain them let’s hope that there will still be a few that they cannot explain.

Have you ever completed a task and at the end of the day felt good about it? I built a brick wall once – and a swimming pool by the way. I was so proud of my brick wall I spent half an hour admiring it. I was fulfilled. I had achieved something worthwhile. Conversely I feel bad about myself if I do nothing, achieve nothing. Of course there are always days that can be set aside for lazing around but even then you may be simply recharging your batteries so to speak and that cannot be a bad thing as long as that isn’t what you do all the time. Batteries are recharged for a purpose; so their energy can be utilised in a worthwhile way.

A spark of creativity quite often goes hand in hand with fulfillment. When I built the brick wall I was being creative. That’s not quite the creativity I had in mind, however, I’m thinking more of your natural ability. Whether it be writing, drawing, music or whatever you have a talent for then you should use it. Everybody has a natural talent.

My mother didn’t discover she had a talent for oil painting until late on in life. On the other hand I have no talent in that direction. If I was asked to draw a horse it would be similar to a drawing I would have done when I was 8 years old. You either have a talent or you don’t. Yes, I could go to art class but there wouldn’t be any point, it would be hard going. Exploiting your natural talent makes you feel good about yourself and makes you ‘buzz’. I don’t need to explain that because you will know.

To have sufficient means to indulge yourself is important for most of us because life can be quite miserable if we are only existing from week to week in order to pay our bills. Some people take this to excess and land up with debts, as they become ‘shopaholics’. No, I’m talking about just being able to give yourself a treat from time to time that is within your means. It gives you pleasure and we all need some pleasure.

I was counselling someone once and he said to me that he was not into pleasure because pleasure always leads to pain. No, I said, it is excess of pleasure that leads to pain. Whether it be alcohol, food or love, yes love, an excess will lead to pain. How can an excess of love lead to pain? It’s simple, an excess of love can manifest obsession, jealousy and ultimately hate. There is nothing wrong with pleasure as long as it is not taken to excess and we all need it from time to time.

Don’t let anyone tell you that because you have not accumulated wealth in your lifetime that you are a failure. It’s what you are as a whole person that counts. It’s what you have done in your life that counts. If you ‘had a go’ and tried your best then don’t let them judge you by money and property. They are the ‘unenlightened ones’. Those who think they always stand on the ‘moral high ground’ are the real losers because eventually they will be on their own.

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