The Existence of Other Dimensions ?

Are there other dimensions? You had better believe there can be other dimensions. Eminent scientists are researching the String Theory or M Theory in which there are purported to be 11 dimensions. They are using huge atom smashers to prove the existence of ‘sparticles’ which are a central point of the string theory. It doesn’t matter too much if they don’t however, because what it does prove is that nothing is written in stone as far as the laws of physics are concerned after all.

In "Welcome To The 11th Dimension", a Channel 4 TV programme, it was said:

Ed Witten, originator of M theory, is the theoretical physicist believed to be Einstein’s true successor. He firmly believes that theory will eventually give way to fact.

it’s important to keep in mind that string theory with all its bizarre consequences, is based very much on thought rather than on experiment. In this sense, it’s more like philosophy than physics and no one really knows if it’s true or not. Having said that, it’s no different to Einstein’s revolutionary ideas almost a hundred years ago, and his ideas were soon vindicated as scientific fact.


If there are such things as Angels it is obvious that they would exist in a different dimension. We can’t see them because we are not in the right frequency. They change their frequency in order to step into our dimension. That’s why in many angel encounters they step in to help someone in peril and then immediately step out again and disappear. There are too many stories of this sort of encounter to dismiss it as poppycock.

Don’t worry, the scientists working on the string theory talk about the different dimensions vibrating at different frequencies. They also say that other beings could exist right next to us. That would explain how angels have been seen standing next to people by others.

The best way to describe the existence of another dimension is to stand under a TV Transmitter. You can’t see anything but you know that pictures are being beamed off the transmitter. Just because you can’t see those pictures doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It just means that you are not ‘tuned in’ to that frequency or vibration. So if someone says there are no such things as angels (or spirits) you could say they cannot prove that but science may well prove it in the future.

Another way of describing the multi dimension thing is if you imagine a pond skater beetle on a pond. Say that beetle can only exist on the surface of the water. If that were the case it would only be living in a two dimensional world. It could only move horizontally and not up or down.

A hazel nut falls from a tree. The nut does not appear in the beetles two dimensional world until it hits the water when it floats for only a second and then sinks and moves out of the beetles dimension restricted world. The beetle could say:

"I’ve seen a hazel nut. They exist, I believe in them".

Another beetle might never have seen a hazel nut and he might say,

"I’ve never seen one, I don’t believe in hazel nuts. I think you have been drinking too much. You are seeing things that don’t exist"

And so that is how it is with angels and other "mysteries" in our three dimensional world. It is my belief that people with closed minds are missing out and that the key to life is to have an open mind. Don’t worry what those people think of you, be true to yourself. Don’t bother to try to convince them, don’t even talk to them about it. If they are meant to have their minds opened then it will happen.

Just remember this; what you know, you know you know

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