When Will They Ever Learn? #4

When will they learn that repeating a lie over and over again does not make it the truth. In ‘When Will They Ever Learn #1’ I said that one of my grandchildren had called ‘their other grandfather’ pervy. Those were the exact words yet the xDiL is telling her children that I called her father a paedophile and that I am evil.

I suggest that those who distort the facts are the evil one’s and will pay £100 to anyone who can find the word paedophile in ‘When Will They Ever Learn #1’

Oh, and before anyone suggests it, the article is exactly as it was written and has only been edited when I changed PFD to xDiL as a small conciliatory gesture.

It seems to me that she ‘protesteth too much’ and that I have hit a raw nerve. Who knows? It certainly makes one think, doesn’t it? And while we are on this subject what inference can we put on ‘dirty old man’? This is what she was calling me (and telling the children) before I retaliated.

Seems that some people think they can say what they want and we all should just meekly take it. Well, it doesn’t work like that. What she says is, as usual, based on lies. What I say is based on truth as told to me.

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