When Will They Ever Learn? #6

When will she ever learn that I will not, repeat not, ever be going to my brother’s house at xmas. Having said that, I would, in certain circumstances, if it made her happy in her last years. The reason it won’t happen is that he is a sanctimonious person who thinks that everyone else should apologise to him whilst he can do and say what he thinks regardless.

For the last few weeks my mother has been ringing me at least twice weekly to ask me if I’m going to go to my brother’s for xmas – where she spends every xmas day. She is not capable of remembering the last conversation or the reasons why I would rather sit in a tub of icy water in a snowstorm on the top of Cox Tor than sit in my brothers sitting room on xmas day.

To placate her I have said that ‘yes, I would, if I was invited’, safe in the knowledge that it wouldn’t happen. I have told her repeatedly to whinge at him, not me. She has, it seems done that. The message that came back was as predicted; (1) ‘he would forgive me if I removed the nasty things I have said about him in this website’ (2) ‘he will talk to me if I remove the nasty things I have said about mother and him on the website’.

Pardon me! What about the nasty letter he sent me where he said ‘that as far as he is concerned I am dead, deceased etc … and that it was a good thing because he wouldn’t have to send me xmas cards anymore and so on’.

As I said in the item in question he is a self righteous shit. Now that is the only thing I said that could be interpreted as ‘nasty’ apart from saying that he is a ‘despicable person’. I cannot find anything else. It is after all, as he has now confirmed, quite true. I have scanned the things I have said about mother too and I’m damned if I can find anything nasty – as he has been telling her. So, he’s a manipulative liar too.

No brother, I’m not gagging for you to talk to me nor forgive me. All I ever said to mother during these weeks of anguished phone calls from her was ‘tell him that we should just forget what has been said by both sides’. I did however only say that, as I said earlier, to placate her. If the message had come back in that way maybe, just maybe mother could spend her time with happier thoughts.

The chances of that happening  were always extremely slim because he thinks he always occupies the moral high ground. And no, I will not remove what I have written because it is the truth. Try reading it again, slowly, carefully, aloud if it helps, with your glasses on and tell me what is nasty about it apart from the example I quoted above.

P.S. I did remove those phrases and ‘so called’ insults.

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