Things I Regret #1

If it was possible to turn the clock back and change things these are some of the things I regret and either would do differently or not do at all

(1) Rearing commercial rabbits in the early eighties, and taking anything upto 3 dozen at a time to a commercial (rabbit) slaughterhouse and processing plant. I also feel the same way about the calves I hand reared . The thought of the day I loaded them on a lorry for slaughter fills me with remorse and guilt.

(2) After the ‘good life’ experience I started a computer company. Everything was OK until I employed or became associated with the following people:

Maurice Symonds
Mike Roberts
Peter Malcolm
Chris Swallow
Frank Morris
My Brother

I was stupid and too naive. Most of them cheated and swindled me to the extent that the company folded in 1985. I will write further on all of these matters in due course.

(3) After the computer company collapse I was left with nothing to do. In desperation I once again started a business to make glassfibre products only this time I wanted to use the latest technology. I went to Alan Harper of Plastech who was selling RTM (resin transfer moulding) technology. I spent thousands developing an 8 foot dinghy. It was too complicated to be made and sold in quantity.

Alan Harper just wanted me to do it so he could tell other people it could be done and produce photographs at his seminars. He didn’t advise me ‘to keep it simple’ – which is what he should have done and what I should have done if I had known. If I had, and I made a 9′ runabout instead I would be wealthy by now. By the time I realised what I should have done it was too late. I ran out of money and that was part of the reason why I ended up in a rented property.

(4) I left my wife in 1984 for 5 months to go off with my office manager, Judith Freeguard. She thought she was on to a good thing and I was again naive. I regret that very much for the hurt it caused. I returned to the family home but we were divorced in 1991. That I do not regret and it was for other reasons anyway but I cannot visualise being married to her now.

(5) I regret wearing my hair long and in a pony tail. It was probably something to do with a complete life and belief change but it was stupid.

(6) Part of the life and belief change was a change of job; I became manager of a hostel for homeless young people. The requirement was that I lived in a flat on site. We owned two semi detached houses having moved from an expensive riverside house in Cornwall. My wife lived in one and I lived in the other. I still had a semi detached 3 bedroom house in Calstock. I should have hung onto that house come what may. Instead it was sold for £10,000 less than we paid for it because I was fed up with trying to keep tenants in there. Better to keep it empty or get better tenants.

I will be writing in detail at another time about all of the things I regret as above. I am sure there are more to be added to the list.

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