The Golden Age

The Daily Express published an item about 1976 because 30 years on we have another long hot summer. The interesting part was the comparison of a few typical prices:

  • 1976                                                      2006            x Factor
  • Average House Price

    £12,415                                            £190,051           15.3

  • Loaf of Bread

    23p                                                        £1                   4.35

  • Petrol

    18p per litre                                         98p                  5.44

  • Beer

    25p                                                     £2.40                 9.60

In 1970 we bought a 4 bedroomed detached house with double garage for £6,500. I was earning around £2,500 a year with company car supplied. So, for just under 3 times my earnings I could buy a house. Mortgages were no problem. With average house prices coming upto £200,000 here in the South West I pity the young people today.

Furthermore the new house we bought in 1970, in Wells, Somerset, had a large front and back garden. The back garden I landscaped and built a swimming pool with patio areas, rockery, garden pond, lawns, and a huge vegetable garden. We sold the house in 1978 for £23,000 in order to move to the ‘Good Life’ in Cornwall. That was a mistake and another story.

Today the average new houses are built so close together you could NOT swing a cat between the houses and only just, in the garden. In fact it must be hell in the summer when windows are open and the noise from families packed 30 to the hectare (just over 2 acres) are playing music, screaming kids etc.

There’s no doubt about it the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s really were the Golden Age, never again to be repeated. Then along came Thatcher and society changed in all ways for the worse although we didn’t really think so at the time as the previous Labour Government had made a mess of things too.

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