Julia Wendoline Green Where Are You?

Julia Wendoline Green from Slough was my first love. She was sixteen and I was 3 years older. We went out together for 4 and a half years. It ended when I had to declare a new love, Christine, whom I married in 1965.

It broke my heart breaking the news to Julia – or Julie as she liked to be known  – just as it probably broke hers. Whether it was the right thing to do, well, I will never know. The marriage to Christine lasted 25 years. Julie and I were undoubtedly heading for the altar if events had not happened. Would it have lasted, would we be growing old together? Probably not, I’m not easy to live with.

Has Julie had a happy life with Myles Taylor her soldier husband? Did she have lots of babies and subsequently lots of grandchildren? Can’t help wondering. There’s one thing for sure, I would not recognise her now, nor her me. Time will have taken it’s toll on sweet sixteen and handsome young nineteen.

Things were different in those days, so no we didn’t. Girls wore cast iron knickers then, and Christine, my wife to be, was no exception. It all seems a bit silly today when you consider just ten years later the girls were at it like rabbits. Those ‘girls’, now in their mid fifties will confess to multiple pre-marital sexual relationships or encounters, I know, I’ve had a few of them. Unfortunately the bloom of youth had long passed by then, because it was when I was in my fifties that I ‘sowed the wild oats’ that I couldn’t when I was young.

As for Julia Wendoline Taylor (nee’ Green) I have quite a lot of cine film footage of her in the bloom of her youth and it would be nice to send her a video of it all. She never saw it in the first place – I didn’t have a projector until later.

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