The original saying is that ‘time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana’. So well, banana is a fruit, so it flies doesn’t it? No? But yes it does though. Just think of a skip full of bananas being tipped out of the back of a C-130, Hercules at 40,000 ft high. They are hurtling towards earth, faster and faster. And that’s how it seems to be. The older you get the faster it goes. No sooner is it spring then it’s autumn, and christmas and worst of all new year. Next thing is the kid’s are all growed up and haired over and then their kids are heading that way too.

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The picture of Loch Canna, below – in the middle of Arran, no human habitation – I took myself having trekked up the glen about 5 miles from anywhere. I camped overnight and took the picture early the following morning by setting the camera on the timer. The total isolation and the beauty were a revelation. Time here had stood still. I could have gazed on this scene 100 or 300 years ago and it would have been exactly the same, a contradiction to the theme of this website, but then as they say ‘man has but a short time to live’.