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Chasing Eldorado

I was now self employed and working from a brick built building at the rear of my father’s shop at Colnbrook near Slough in a space about 7 by 5 metres. I was regretting the move away from Phoenix, made … Continue reading

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The Phoenix Years

I left McMichael Radio to work back on the Slough Trading Estate at the Phoenix Rubber Company. They produced rubber compounds that went into all sorts of products for instance windscreen wiper blades and rubber bonded to metal engine mountings … Continue reading

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Things We Did Then#1

Around 1962 my friend Barry (Barrington Messer) and I bought a twin engined Kart and thought we could get into Kart racing. Not with those engines we couldn’t. It came with twin Clinton chainsaw engines, one red one and one yellow … Continue reading

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Queen Mary Sails

The last time a ship called Queen Mary was heard sounding her horn in Southampton was in 1967 when she sailed her last voyage to Long Beach, California. It must have been 1967 when I moved to a village called … Continue reading

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Remembering Kennedy

It’s hard to believe that it’s 40 years since John Kennedy was assassinated. That is if you were around at that time as I was. They say that we all remember what we were doing when the dreadful deed was … Continue reading

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